December 15, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Party

So KOK and I have to decide on the members of our bridal party. KOK has a lot of friends and family that he is really close to, so his list consists of 18 groomsmen ! Yes you read that properly, and he also has 12 more friends designated as ushers !

I attempted to veto the list, but as I looked through the entire list of 18 men, I honestly couldn't find one person that I could suggest he remove. They are all people that are important to him.

So I am faced with a dilemma - do we really need even sides? If I include my besties, my cousins, some of my soon-to-be nieces, I can easily have 18 ladies but I don't think the sides need to be even. I'm planning on 9 ladies so that each lady can walk in with two of the groomsmen. Frankly, I think having 36 people in the bridal party, not including the flower girls and ring bearer, is quite excessive..  

What to do?

Photo credit: The Knot


  1. WHOA. 18 is HUGE! Goodness! I'm so astounded by the sheer number that I can't think of any useful comments!

    Hehe, ok, I'm being a tad dramatic! Now what about giving some of those guys different roles in the wedding? Just because they are special to your fiancé doesn't mean they have to be groomsmen: some could do a bible reading or be co-MCs or do something else that's important and related to the wedding, but not necessarily on the wedding day.

    From a photographer's perspective I imagine 20+ people in one shot becomes a bit of a challenge to shoot, talk less 30+!

  2. You're not being dramatic at all o! Tell me about it.. but I don't think he's planning to drop any of them - so with 9 ladies plus 18 groomsmen, that's 27 ppl, plus KOK and I = 29 people and probably 3 flowers girls and 1 ring bearer = a grand total of 32 !

  3. Hubby and I fell into the same dilemma. He was to have 6 groomsmen to my 3 bridesmaids. So there would have been 2 men for each woman, which actually is pretty common - go for it! As for us - we ditched that idea when we decided to take the easy way out -- destination wedding. lol

  4. you don't have to have an even bridal party at all! i would choose your closest friends and he should choose his closest friends.

    coming from a person who had a big bridal party ... it gets a bit expensive! but i wouldn't have it any other way! :)

  5. Wow! Yeah it is a bit overwhelming. Is there no way he can cut that number down to 9? Perhaps the other 9 can be his "men-in-waiting" and wear a different tie from the 9 groomsmen standing up with him, but also sit close to the front in reserved seats. They can be recognized in the program as well. This way they still get recognized, but they don't overwhelm you or the guests. Good luck! Sounds like you're have a BIG FAT AFRICAN WEDDING! :-)

  6. @ anon - yeah I guess it's my big fat african wedding!

    @Tiffany - it's already a destination wedding !

    @Faith - that's the problem the eighteen are his closest and dearest !