August 09, 2011

The journey since Malta...

Hello everyone, 
I'm back and married !
Hmmm the "all-white" pre-wedding party, the ceremony and reception all went beautifully ...

Of course a couple of things went wrong:
1. as mentioned in my previous post, my make-up artist cancelled on me at the last minute - however, I was able to find a Maltese lady who was able to do my make-up and that of my bridesmaids nicely...and my friends AJ and Temidee did the make-up for the pre-wedding party...
2. My parents as well as a couple of friends and family from Nigeria did not make it to Malta no thanks to the Italian embassy who held their passports hostage for no reasonable explanation :( . 
3. I got an infection on my eye - a stye - thanks to my friend E and sis-in-law Sis T, who's an ophthalmologist. Sis T did "surgery" on my eye the morning of my wedding just before I was to get my make-up done... She popped the stye and drained it... extremely painful 

Here are some pictures from the wedding weekend:

KOK and I at the pre-wedding party

some of my family @ the pre-wedding - they missed the memo  on the dress code, but they came and that's the most important thing

mr. and mrs. a
love this picture of us kneeling at the altar
my uncle walking me down the aisle

exchanging rings 

I think this was the point where PAI said he couldn't find "the kiss" in the program ;)