December 08, 2010

Before you plan your wedding, plan your marriage...

A wedding ceremony, albeit all the attention we place on it, lasts only a day or at best a few days depending on the culture. A marriage on the other hand is a commitment to your husband or wife that should last a lifetime by the Grace of God.

I came across the book titled - Before you plan your wedding, plan you marriage... earlier this year and it was an awesome read !

I started reading the book on the kindle app for blackberry, and also ordered a copy from Amazon. But it was so good that by the time the book arrived a few days later, I had finished reading it on my phone. So I gave my copy to a friend of mine, D.  However, I still wanted a hard copy of the book, so I ordered another one but D's boyfriend had seen the book,  read the first few pages and has since obtained my copy of the book ! It's a must read - the authors, a married couple, and they do a fantastic job of discussing the important concepts to grasp for a marriage to work - communication, fighting fair, sharing expectations, commitment and prayer to name a few.

In planning for our marriage, K and I completed pre-marital classes at our church in London during the month I was there between September and October. In continuing to build a foundation for our lives together, we've also picked out an engaged couples devotional that we will work through in the months ahead ...

How did you plan for your marriage ? What do you wish you had done?


  1. Thanks for the book suggestion, I'll have to look into that. I want to say that I had been planning my marriage long before I ever met my husband. Of course we never know exactly what life is gonna throw at us. Which is why prayer, "I love you," "I'm sorry," and quality time are crucial (in my opinion). :)

  2. Hi Jamie, thanks for visiting.. I definitely was planning for my marriage long before I met my fiancée. In fact he has crowned me the queen of relationship and marriage books.
    I totally agree with your points too :)

  3. I like the idea of starting the work to create a strong marriage now, and continuing that initiative throughout the marriage. I'm looking for books to prepare me for married life and I wish more of them were available in my local library! It would cut down the on costs! :)

  4. It just makes perfect sense to plan the marriage ahead. I've been collecting materials (books) on marriage and I'm not even in a relationship now, i'll rather not be caught unprepared.

    Please could you post the name of the author

  5. Hi P.E.T thanks for visiting and following my blog .Here are the authors:
    Dr. Greg Smalley, Erin Smalley , and Steve Halliday

  6. i need to start reading books on marriage *mental note to self