December 21, 2010

Shoesday Tuesday :)

Remember my post about my search for the perfect shoes ? Well my local Nordstrom didn't have the Stuart Weitzman I Do lace pumps so they ordered it from another store for me so that I could to try it on.

Well, they came in last week, and over the weekend, I popped in to try them on. They were perfect :) To be honest, after I put them on, I loved them more that the Louboutin Fetilo's.  I felt very bridal, sexy, and romantic all at once when I tried them on... 

The left shoe has "I DO" and the right one has a "heart shape" in the perfect shade of blue Swarovski crystals. I love them just the way they are, and no longer thinking of getting them resoled in blue. They are also super comfortable - the heels are 4" with a 0.5" platform.

I love love love the shoes. Wedding shoe decision check !


  1. LOVE those shoes! They are gorgeous! Love that they have the I Do on the bottom of them!

  2. Those are such cute shoes. You'll definitely be walking down the aisle in style. I also see that you already have your 'something blue.' :)

  3. @ Faith - yup I love love them too !
    @ Mrs. K - yup the stones on the shoes are one of the something blues ;) look out for another post for the other something blue.

  4. I love the fact that they have Swarovski crystals on them. its good to see ur prep is going on as planned.
    Best of luck as the day draws nigh

  5. Your shoes are super cute and feminine! Stuart Weitzman is the way to go. I got his Marimbow shoes in midnight blue for my wedding and I loved them.

  6. Hi Miss A,
    I just nominated you for the Stylish and Versatile Blogger Award, please go over to my blog and find out what you are expected to do.

  7. this shoe eh! im considering it for my wedding! it is so gorgeous