May 20, 2011

Shopping for a veil

The designer of my dress, Lazaro, makes a gorgeous veil that matches my dress and from the pictures, I knew I would love it... I called before going for my first fitting to inquire about the price, and just as I expected, it was ridiculous... So why did I get there and ask to try on the veil ?? Well fortunately, they didn't have it but had a very similar one by Toni Federici - gosh not that the price is any better but I didn't ask before 1. trying it on and 2. falling in love with it. 

look of dream veil
There dear friends, is where my dilemma begins. I called about a dozen stores looking for the veil in ivory - hoping to snag a sample; the one at the store I bought my dress is white - No luck ! 
Finally, I discuss this veil with KOK, hoping he would talk some sense into me and give me a host of reasons why it was ridiculous. But no, instead he says - "babe if they will sell you the veil for x or less, I'll make up the difference between your veil budget and the price for the dream veil."  I must have said, "are you sure?" like a dozen times and he said, "yup, go for it."
I was ecstatic and the next morning, I call Irene at the bridal store to purchase my beloved veil. She gives a great deal - she's willing to sell the veil for 67% of the retail price; so I call KOK and ask what he thinks, he says to ask for 58% of the retail price. Irene says no, and we settle mid-way at 62% of the price, I give her my card details, and then she gives me the disclaimer that the purchase is non-refundable etc and that she'll place the order with the manufacturer as soon as we got off the phone. 
I felt my stomach knot up, and I knew I could not go through with the purchase of the veil, yes it was a great discount, but the price was still ridiculous. I backed out, told Irene that I had changed my mind and I would call back later if I wanted it. I haven't called back and I still can't get my mind off the veil... 


  1. of luck. I'm sure you will find something that you love for a reasonable price.

  2. When it comes to pricing, we women always have to follow our instincts. Im sure you'll find a veil that'll fit ur need soon enough.

    Goodluck on the search dear. Im glad KOK is willing to make ur dream wedding come true. He's indeed a keeper dear.

  3. Thanks ladies....
    @P.E.T. Projects - yup he's a keeper o! No doubt on that :)

  4. Since you can't get your mind of it! It's a match!