May 08, 2011

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful mothers !!

my first mommy who's now in heaven. I'll always love you and you have a special place just for you in my heart :) I do wish you were here to celebrate and share with me in all the exciting things happening in my life but I know you're looking down from heaven and celebrating up there. 
my wonderful second mom, who put in so much effort into making the traditional engagement spectacular! - Thank you. To my dad, who was "mr. mom" and dad as well for a while. I love you both too ! 

finally my amazing mother-in-law. According to her I'm her favourite :) lol ! But anyway she's a wonderful woman, who interestingly taught my first mommy in high school ! I'm excited to join your family :) 

Photo of mom and dad and mother-in-law by EEtomi Photography


  1. Congratulations on the trad wedding. Have you done the Malta wedding too?

    You left us wondering what happened *sulking face*

    Im happy for you... do we get to see more pix... please

    Your gele is pretty!

  2. Sorry !! Mehn just so much going on... Malta wedding is in July ... see for more pictures..

  3. Its beautiful.... I love it... Thank God it went well...