October 13, 2012

Play dates...

My friend had a baby three weeks ago, she had a perfect little boy. Another friend is due in December and is having a boy. We should be planning play dates and looking forward to our boys growing up and playing together. But my son isn't here #thatisall


  1. I just caught up on your story and want to share a huge hug too.

  2. Hi dear, please accept my deepest sympathies. I pray for God's grace to help you through this season.

  3. Hi Mrs A. I found you at Romance meets Life. A big hug to you. It is well OK.

  4. WOW..... why do I feel the pain... Its indescribable.. Its like you feel all sorts of emotions, all sorts. Its truly a blessing when we have healthy babies yet for some of us its just so normal. But I rejoice with you hun, your testimonies shall abound in plenty and wonderful.

    I recall my Mum also lost a child once but she is so grateful for us and how God has kept us.

    I also know a lady in our church that had a baby girl, I even baked cake for her christening, all of sudden became ill and was diagnosed, she didn't survive it but she helped the Church in many ways involving ourselves with charities etc. Today, she has a bouncing baby boy who is healthy and is a year old plus.

    God will do it for you again, it might be tough, heck it is tough and ugly but He remembers you and YOUR joy and hubbys will surely run over. I rejoice with you in advance.