October 04, 2010

The birthday pictures...

So sorry I've been away so long.... Just really busy enjoying my time in London... I had a whole month, and now I have only 2 weeks left, I am going to try to make that 3 weeks or maybe a whole month !

So before the dinner, there were the birthday pictures... 

My actual birthday was on the 5th of March, and I decided to have some pictures taken. I asked K where in Pittsburgh, I could get that done and he said I should go to The Picture People

I asked him to drive me there, I don't really know why I asked him or do I?.. I guess I liked the idea of hanging out with him... So early on my birthday, he arrived to pick me up for my photo shoot... It was pretty uneventful until the photographer decided that K and I should take a photo together...

My reaction was ummm, err, awkward... and the photographer says, "you guys are dating right ?" and as I was responding that we were not, K interjected and says, "the relationship is only just starting.." I gave him a weird look, and ignored his comment... 

Anyway so the photographer says we should pose for a picture together and we awkwardly stand side by side. He shakes his head and says no, I mean something like this:  and that's how we took this picture... my head was on his chest and he had his arms around me...

The next day, we went to pick up the pictures and my sweetheart bought the above picture in the 10" x 16" size, with a frame and promptly hung it up in his apartment. I  managed to restrain myself for one more day until my birthday dinner to ask all the questions that I had...


  1. That's such a sweet picture, love your smile! Enjoy the rest of your vacation.

  2. I wanna see the picture--no fair! LOL :)

  3. @ Myne - thank you

    @Mrs. K - I will post another picture in the next couple of days...

  4. I want to see the picture pretty please! I was away in Nigeria or I'd have seen it while it was up! My email is goodnaijagirl@gmail.com :)

  5. Awww, thanks for posting it back up. I love the picture...honestly. You guys look very good together (it helps that you're both so attractive!). Is that a dimple I spy on you? Love it!

  6. Awww thanks GNG - yup that's a dimple - I have two :)

  7. in the beginning..Smiles