October 06, 2010

The birthday dinner...

Venue: LeMont 

Finally the birthday dinner day arrived. It was scheduled for 2 days after my actual birth date... K arrived at my apartment to pick me up; he came upstairs while I finished getting dressed.  When we got to the car, he even opened the car door for me to get in(I could get used to this, but alas, not the case, he still opens the car door for me, but not often enough ). 

We drove for a while and finally got to the restaurant, it sits at the top of a hill in a part of Pittsburgh called Mount Washington. We walked into the restaurant and I was blown away - the decor was beautiful and the view was gorgeous. The restaurant had glass walls and we had a table right next to one of them; so we had the great view as pictured above. 

We ordered our dinner, got some wine and we started talking... 

He told me about how he'd been interested in me for a while about 5 - 6 months
He had told his siblings about me, even sent them my Facebook profile picture (OK that was kind of stalkerish but anyway... ) 
He said he'd been praying for a partner and felt God was leading him my way
He said he felt the feeling was mutual and would like to pursue a relationship with me... 

Me with my fronting self responded, "Who told you I like you that way?" and he said, "o I'm sorry, I didn't mean to assume." 

OK that's my limit to posing o!, 

I said, "it's OK, I do like you too, and I believe God is also leading me your way" 

At this time our waiter brought over our dessert and as we ate, I then asked, "so are we like dating now?", K responded, "Yup, you're my girlfriend"

I don't have the picture we took that night, it's on my refrigerator back at home in Pittsburgh

And so the journey began...


  1. Wow... that's maturity on point. You go girl!

  2. Awwwwww... I definitely agree with the way he asked u out....

    I wonder how u two met though (if u dont mind)..

    I pray God will continue to bless ur beautiful union.. Amen.