April 09, 2014


This story is 4 years old, but I read it and it renewed my faith:

The Coble Family

They lost their 3 children (2 girls and 1 boy) in a car accident and a year to the date of the accident, they had triplets - 2 girls and 1 boy. Wow !!

A friend of mine just had a baby boy. Two years ago, she had a 2nd trimester miscarriage with her son that was due in March. Two years later, she's had a boy in March!

God must understand and is still in the business of miracles and restoration.



  1. Amen.. He sure is.. Lovely and encouraging stories on restoration - And the beautiful thing about God is that His restoration is usually more. Thank God
    Love the new blog layout and beautiful picture too! xx

    1. Thank you! Just realized a few days ago that you were the one (pun not intended ;) ) - small world eh? It's been a long long time since Chapel of Praise days...

    2. It has been a long time!

      I am 'the one' lol.. I love your blog and followed it since I discovered it.. Honest, sincere and inspiring xx

  2. Yes!!!! He certainly is. He never fails. So good to see you back again with a glow. Happy 30th!!! I pray the years ahead are greater than all the previous ones put together.

    Love and blessings,