June 07, 2011

RSVP rant...

This is just a quick one. But why do Nigerians have such an aversion to completing RSVP's? OK that's making a very broad generalization but still...
If you look at the top left of my blog, I'm keeping track of our rsvp responses, and it's sad especially since for quite a few of those "undecided" people are folks I know have purchased tickets and made hotel reservations. I could just mark them down as yes but I need their entrée choices.  We even made it easy, included stamps on the rsvp envelopes (for folks in Nigeria, they can drop at my sis-in-law's office), gave the option of email and online via our website - really no excuses.

Oh well I'm giving folks till this weekend, then I'm going to start calling... KOK already starting calling some UK folks, and my sis-in-law volunteered to help call UK folks too - I've sent her phone numbers... 
I'm sure people realize you can't just show up in Malta - I would think that the fact you have to consciously book air tickets and hotels would make a difference. Oh well... 

But Yay so far 100 out of 342 have responded :) Getting there slowly but surely....


  1. I totally feel you on this one. I felt this way with my Jamaican family. Maybe it's a black folks thing. LOL.

  2. that was my biggest pet-peeve!!! i think it isn't just Nigerians ... it's people in general who are just plain slackers!!!

  3. thought it would be easier since you are having a destination wedding

  4. @ faith - yeah I guess
    @doll - nope not easier
    On the plus side about 55% of the guests have RSVP'd :)