April 08, 2014

Living in the moment - #30inPhukhet

I spent an amazing week in Phukhet with 15 friends for my 30th birthday and it was amazing. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Mai Khao Beach - it's a beautiful private family owned resort in the secluded area of Mai Khao beach.
This trip to Phukhet was different from my first one, with such a large fun group it was packed with fun from the minute we landed :)

During the time we were there, Kola planned an amazing birthday on the beach for me! See pictures below :)

Table set up 

A whole roast lamb for me 😍

My friend and hotel owner presenting me with an orchid necklace and gift 😍

More food 💃💃😍. The spread was amazing! Shoutout Mr. Jamnong and his amazing f&b team

Everyone getting down to the business of eating

#hubbyoflife 😍! Thanks for an amazing 30th


  1. It as the best of times! xxx

    1. It really was Dammy ! I've been talking about it non-stop. It was really the best of company too :)

  2. Aww this is so beautiful! You looked absolutely lovely...And look at the food! lol
    Happy 30th! May it herald a new and wonderful phase of your life xx

  3. This is fabulous! Glad you had a great birthday! Happy belated!