August 09, 2011

The journey since Malta...

Hello everyone, 
I'm back and married !
Hmmm the "all-white" pre-wedding party, the ceremony and reception all went beautifully ...

Of course a couple of things went wrong:
1. as mentioned in my previous post, my make-up artist cancelled on me at the last minute - however, I was able to find a Maltese lady who was able to do my make-up and that of my bridesmaids nicely...and my friends AJ and Temidee did the make-up for the pre-wedding party...
2. My parents as well as a couple of friends and family from Nigeria did not make it to Malta no thanks to the Italian embassy who held their passports hostage for no reasonable explanation :( . 
3. I got an infection on my eye - a stye - thanks to my friend E and sis-in-law Sis T, who's an ophthalmologist. Sis T did "surgery" on my eye the morning of my wedding just before I was to get my make-up done... She popped the stye and drained it... extremely painful 

Here are some pictures from the wedding weekend:

KOK and I at the pre-wedding party

some of my family @ the pre-wedding - they missed the memo  on the dress code, but they came and that's the most important thing

mr. and mrs. a
love this picture of us kneeling at the altar
my uncle walking me down the aisle

exchanging rings 

I think this was the point where PAI said he couldn't find "the kiss" in the program ;)


  1. Aww, double congrats to the two of you, you look so pretty and the hubby too. I love your dress, very pretty, you tried o, enjoy the moment!

  2. everything looked beautiful ... so sorry that some of your family members and parents couldn't be there ... they were there in spirit.

    your dress looked incredible! love that despite a few minor bumps you were able to enjoy what the day was truly all about.

    congrats MRS!!

  3. Aww Big congrats to you and the hubby... So glad all went well and memorable..
    Sorry about ur parents not making it wa for that Island sha...

  4. Congratulations... I am in awe that you were able to pull a destination wedding off given how our people like to do things "locally". Ur dress looks lovely and thankfully the make up and everything came though. Sorry about the visa thing and the parents.Please post more pics as soon as you can!! Congrats again!

  5. I love your and K's smile in every picture...and that altar picture is breath-taking!

    Congratulations to you both!

  6. I'm so sorry about your parents not making it. I can imagine your Dad being upset as well as a source of strength. At the end of the day it all worked out. Life happens. Love you so much

  7. Congrats! I bet it feels great to say, "This is my husband," and I can't wait to join in on the statement, lol! You looked amazing!!! I'm sorry your parents were held up :( However, I'm sure it was still a wonderful day.

  8. Congrats dear, the pictures are beautiful! Sorry about the eye, hope it's all cleared off?

  9. Beautiful wedding pictures.

    Thanks for visiting my blog